399 en la cola / She is the 399th waiting in line

Por: Ivan Perdomo


For those of you who have a Venezuelan friend but don’t speak Spanish, I’d like to leave you this not so pretty video about what’s going on in my country from a microeconomics perspective. As for the macroeconomics you will have plenty of information by just ‘googling’ the behavior of crude oil along the region.

Why microeconomics? because that is the thing that people feels everyday when they got to stand in line to purchase basic products. For another good example on how this affects us, go to A latte is equivalent of 1,16% of minimum Venezuelan salary

Most people back in my country reads about how Venezuelan oil has been traded or given in exchange of international silence and they just don’t get it. Okay, I admit it, macroeconomics can be rather confusing or even overwhelming. That’s why I would not talk about it.

I wish I had the time to work on the subtitles for this video edited by a friend of mine a.k.a. SOS VENEZUELA, but, in a nutshell, what the female officer is telling in front of the cameras is that our people is standing in line calmly, patiently and without inconvenience to purchase their basic products.

The bottom line here: Would you be strong enough to stand in line for, let say… 6 hours straight, just to buy chicken?

Please support this blog by sharing its contents and help us spreading the word. We are Venezuelans, and we would like your help.

Ivan Perdomo


About the author:
Ivan Perdomo is a Venezuelan videographer based in Calgary, Alberta. He has been abroad since 2007 and collaborating every now and then with non profit activism like Venex Curacao and VenMundo Curacao (Dutch Caribbean), VotoJoven, and, most recently, Venezolanos en Calgary under the non political group “Dando la Cara por Venezuela”.


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