Organized neighbors against threats


Por Mariana Aquino Luque/ @mariaquinoluque

English version by: Ivan Perdomo/ @ijpa

The need for raising the communities in an organized manner has been one of the positive outcomes from the recent events in Venezuela.    The heat is up: Since February, lots of videos evidence how armed groups shoot and kill civilians before the eyes of national security officers who won’t move an arm to defend the people. Attacks have been increasing; it does not matter whether you are a pedestrian or a resident locked out in your own apartment, they will strike!

On top of that, there are tugs and other criminals taking advantage of this lack of police-support to continue with their irregularities. Impunity is our daily bread.

Threats have been spotted by the neighbors from many communities nationwide and they are starting to implement organized protection plans.

“To defend” is the most common word heard at community meetings: “We must defend ourselves from criminals, we must defend our neighbors and our neighborhood, and we must defend our properties and our rights”.

However,  there is a drawback:  Neighbors are not armed. “We carry no weapons; our best strength consists on being united. Being united we will overcome any outsider aggressor”, that is more or less the most common message we’ve heard during the community assemblies.

Personal and telephone networks are essential. An organized community can work as a huge spider-web, connected through smaller networks. These smaller networks will communicate between each other to reach up to the next neighborhood and so on.

The objective should be to activate everyone involved with  few calls or messages. Then, the defensive mechanisms could me more effective.

Lastly, every community has its own peculiarities and conditions; therefore, it is of most importance to develop ideas and suggestions that come from its own neighbors.


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