Venezuela: The protest will not be televised [video documentary]

Video by: Adriana Monagas / Text by: Ivan Perdomo @ijpa

Venezuela: The protest will not be televised

A documentary about protests happening in Venezuela since February 2014. Online Social Sites have been the only media in Venezuela covering in full all events…


Calgary, April 14, 2014 – Can you imagine living in a place where 70 human beings are killed every single day? This 22 minutes-long documentary was edited by a friend of ours that lives abroad. She has the same interest than Spread the word to the entire world about what is happening in our beloved country, Venezuela.

If I may add something to this documentary, it is remarkable that to the eyes of the world, our civil casualties are only numbers; but for us there are families, there are widows and orphans. We pray for their souls, and else, we write and edit documentaries to try the world to know about them. Families that will hardly recover from their losses. In contrast, other countries will pay more attention to other facts; i.e. the impact of oil prices on worldwide economy. So, I highly recommend you watch this documentary until the end.

Please support this blog by sharing its contents and help us spreading the word. We are Venezuelans, and we would like your help.

Ivan Perdomo

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About the author:
Ivan Perdomo is a Venezuelan videographer based in Calgary, Alberta. He has been abroad since 2007 and collaborating every now and then with non-profit activism like Venex Curacao and VenMundo Curacao (Dutch Caribbean), VotoJoven, and, most recently, Venezolanos en Calgary under the non political group “Dando la Cara por Venezuela”.


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