#PrayForVenezuela from #Kyoto, #Japan


By: Aya Sabina Bracho Kodani

Kyoto, Japan.- This would be the first of a photo serie I would like to share as homage to the hundred of thousands of democratic Venezuelan civilians who have been struggling on a totally asimetric figth with an oppressive dictatorship nowadays lead by Maduro, the sucessor of former and well incovered dictator Hugo Chavez who set the country to its worst 15 years ever in modern Venezuela’s history. As not many people from other latitudes are aware of the tortures faced by demonstrators capture by National Guard while pacifically protesting, I decided to take a stand upon the international support required to create worldwide awareness.

I will raise the #Venezuelan #flag as many times as possible from several spots in #Japan. Even though I may not be at this moment protesting in Venezuelan territory, my heart, mind and best vibres are set towards a positive end of the crisis and struggle people of that country are facing, getting poorer and poorer with less opportunities to succeed as professionals and not been even able to feed themselves well nor get the proper medicines they require due to the great shortage as foreign currency control have ruled for over 11 years and private companies have been forced to shut down with all of the “socialism” backwards legislation Chavez and Maduro activated upon Castro brothers requests from Cuba.

This, is my first homage photo from #HeianJingu in #Kyoto #Japan, asking people from the world to #PrayForVenezuela in order to protect those brave students, women and man walking with national flags while trying not to get shut by national guards or intoxicaded with exceeded usage of gas bombs.

#ImYourVoiceVenezuela #LucharHastaVencer #BastaDeBalas #BastaDeDictaduraEnVenezuela #DesarmenParamilitaresEnVzla #MaduroAsesinoDeEstudiantes #NoALaInjerenciaCubanaEnVzla #FreeVenezuela


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