#SOSVenezuela from #Osaka


By: Aya Sabina Bracho Kodani

Osaka, Japan.- This is the second photo homage from #Japan to the hundred of thousands democratic civilians fighting pacifically against imposition of #dictatorship in #Venezuela.

Please take a stand against torture of demonstrators. Please show your support to civilians who want to leave in peace and not in fear. Please help Venezuelans to call upon international awareness of the war like situation faced on the country (more than 40 demonstrators have been killed after Maduro’s order to National Guards) by using in your social media profiles (show your location by setting on the GPS on ypur device) any of all of the following hashtags: #SOSVenezuela #SOSVzla #PrayForVenezuela #StopDictatorshipInVenezuela #StopTortureInVenezuela #FreeVenezuela #MediaBlackOutInVzla #ImYourVoiceVenezuela #VenezuelaDoesYouAreSilent #MaduroAssasinOfVenezuelans.


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